Employees are invited to contribute skills, knowledge, values and culture when they join SNT as an active staff member. SNT provides them with support for their ideas, creativity and actions in their function, for developing their skills and personality and for reaching their career targets within their home country or abroad.

SNT goes far beyond lip service to “business excellence” and “appreciation for the individual and encouragement of teamwork”, and employees experience an inspiring work atmosphere.

SNT enjoys high reputation in Ukraine. We have a lot of experience in successfully integrating acquired companies and a history as a reliable, fair and attractive employer due to features such as:

  • Financial stability, continuous business success
  • Strong opportunities for professional growth, by enhancing skills through extensive training, participation in huge innovative projects and generally by taking on new tasks in order to develop the employees
  • Attractive compensation packages with varied ways of rewarding success and benefits tailored to our local markets
  • High standards in our HR processes

Our key characteristics as an employer include:

  • opportunity to work very independently
  • open communication without hierarchical barriers
  • constant new challenges through continuous growth of the company
  • encouraging team work with leading experts in international networks

Our key approach is to engage local people in our local market, people who know the environment. We also focus on expertise in certain industries in the consulting area, which offers people with the necessary mobility and willingness to travel the chance to participate in challenging international projects. This means that you can follow a specialist or management career in your own country, without having to relocate at regular intervals, but we also provide the opportunity to work in other countries within your function or to move to other locations.

We are proud to offer an atmosphere that is very international, but implements only helpful standards and avoids unnecessary unification. We extend a lot of trust and therefore independence to our employees and local organizations, which means that if you are responsible, reliable and can work autonomously, you are in the right place working with us.