IP/MPLS Networks

Modern solutions for telecom operators are characterised by simplicity and reliability of time tested Ethernet standards combined with modern technologies of multiprotocol switching based on labels (IP/MPLS). Together they lay a foundation for transport infrastructure and have a crucial importance for IP networks of modern generation, converged networks in particular.

DWDM Networks

Optical networks offer wide opportunities for growing capacity of data networks, rising reliability of physical environment of data transfer and also they significantly increase data transfer distances. 

Deep Packet Inspection

Uninterrupted exponential development of Internet as well as growth of OTT services bring about constant traffic growth in service providers networks. 

Wireless Backbone and Last Mile Networks

Service providers use wireless channels in situations where wired links are impossible to create or their usage is inefficient. 

Customer Premises Equipment Management

Offering Internet access the service providers can also serve client devices, such as xDSL, DOCSIS, WiMAX modems or FTTB switches.

Fixed Mobile Convergence

Modern business is more and more growing mobile and dynamic. This is why demands to mobility of unified communications services used by different companies grow as well.